Monday, 2 June 2008

Contest is not over?

Sally Northeast of DCC sent me an email tonight with some interesting information. I will not reproduce here, but the main points are:
  1. She wasn't aware that Dorset Echo had ended submissions and didn't advise this.
  2. That the council will certainly not choose a winning entry.
  3. Further discussions will take place with local media to tie-up loose ends.
  4. A proposed panel will be asked for their views on criteria for a flag.
  5. It appears that some sort of public vote will still take place or this is still their intention.

Thanks for clearing that up Sally. I think I still feel a little in the dark though!

I'd quite like to know who the proposed panel is and what qualifies them to create criteria?

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Chris said...

I was under the impression that the DCC wanted nothing to do with this matter, yet it now appears that they are trying to ebb in on the glory of what David White and Co have achieved. It also appears that the DCC has some ruling over the Dorset Echo, as does Bournemouth Council of the Daily Echo of which I have found out in the past.

I was also in the belief that if the Flag Institute approved of the said flag, then it was deemed that this flag would be the flag of the County. I am also aware and part of that a vast number of Dorset people have already taken on, and assumed that the St Wites flag is the Dorset Flag.

Personally I would lobby the DCC and asked them to either stick to their original agenda of not bothering, and back down from grabbing someone elses glory. And secondly accept that this wonderful flag, is the Dorset Flag.

Do we have to remind Councillors, County, Borough or Town that they are elected by the people for the people of the Towns and Counties, and they should listen to the people of the same.

Back off DCC. We have a flag.

Regards, Chris Way