Friday, 11 July 2008

Over 5000 visits!, more news

Our site has now had over 5000 visits! (No, that's not me clicking 'refresh' every few seconds...!)

That's a fair bit of traffic for a site that's only been in existence for a few months! Thank you to all who've stopped by.

Word on the street is that the selection panel will be meeting next week to view the candidates and select the four for voting. I know nothing else at this stage. Mayor Robin Cook from Wimborne has asked to be informed when the panel has met.

A new batch of smaller flags should be with us next week and as we're nearing the end of the current batch of larger ones - that's near 320 flags sold in a few months. We have a close supply of larger ones, so there shouldn't be a delay if we run out locally.

We should soon have windows stickers - these are the ones that stick on the inside of cars facing out. These will replace the paper stickers we have been using.

You can now buy flags in Poole from :
21-25 High St
Poole BH15 1AB
Tel: 01202 673300

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