Monday, 5 May 2008

Blandford Georgian Fair

Cram everyone into Blandford today for the Georgian Fair!

Chris and Jacquie were up for the Town Crier competition, while St Wite's flag flapped slowly in the breeze behind them. We sold a few smaller flags - I didn't intend to do that as now we have no smaller ones left! Getting an order in ASAP....sorry folks. Big ones due in a week!

We also spoke to Mike Oliver - the chairman of North Dorset County Council. He's been so far, the only chairman good enough to write back to us.

Mike indicated that he wasn't sure this 'competition' was the right way to go, but certainly drawing people's attention to what we're doing and garnering comments was better.
It is a cause of concern, when libraries in Dorset are being shut down and now public money is being spent on a flag competition!

A shop that's well up for St Wite's Flag!

A resident of East Dorset recently challenged me that Dorset has no golden grainfields. It does, I've seen them my whole life. Here in May though, let's have a look in the fields shall we.....

This time of year - you can see and smell nothing but the rapeseed fields......

Another silly argument that yellow is the colour of cowardice keeps popping up. Well, today while I was at the Royal British Legion of Blandford, I noted many, many medals there - many with yellow in the ribbons. Try telling the British Legion that it means cowardice.....and besides, it's gold!!!!

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