Saturday, 10 May 2008

Wimborne and Ferndown Directory

Check this out - The Wimborne and Ferndown directory! Clickie for bigger images.
Dorset Echo seemed to have picked up the Blandford Georgian fair press release that Chris did a few days ago. I had someone on the phone to me this morning. It's worth pointing out that Dorset Echo seem to think that St Wite's Cross is the leading contender. They commented on this a few days ago.
Flags - big ones - should be with me this week. At last! I've already placed a new order for small we might see them in July..... ;-)
DCC seem to be beginning to drag their collective heels lately. Firstly, Chris sent the minutes to them of our meeting. Sally Northeast doesn't believe them to be impartial, but hasn't explained why. I sent an email to Sally asking if we needed to 'formally' enter the contest and when would they release to the public the guidelines and closing dates of this contest- her response back was that she would need to talk to Peake et al about it. A few people have very vocally voiced their displeasure that the council are involved now. How much is it going to cost us? they say.
I've heard rumblings that Mr Peake is keen to see a flag with an ammonite on it. He's said this from the start. Mr Peake - if you're reading this - please, please read the Flag Institute guides. Avoid placing complicated charges on flags!!! It is not necessary and is not becoming of a flag. It will be expensive to reproduce and seriously - will a child be able to draw it? These are tourist-type things that you can add to a flag after it is established for postcards etc. Not for the base flag of the county.
Publicity wise, we seem to be doing very well - I think people in the Dorset Echo circulation are sick of seeing my mug. We have had a few converts as well - the biggest endorsement though is Brian Galpin - Hon. Secretary to the Admiral of the County and Town of Poole! See the guestbook.

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Chris said...

I think Mr. Peake is trying to get in on the bandwagon now because the pace of the Dorset Flag is moving fast and that he and the DCC see the flag being the general choice of the majority.

Personally, I think that the votes that have been taken and show the same as above, should be used, and the Dorset Flag set in motion for production and distribution.

Regards, Chris