Thursday, 15 May 2008

LGO Festivals new poster / more sponsors!

Check out the new Endorse-It, In-Dorset festival poster! Brilliant! Clickie for the big version!

The Western Gazette published an article about the flag showing the picture with Chris, Jacquie et al flying the flag at Blandford.

We have some new sponsors....go check out the Roll of Honour page.....

We're still waiting to hear just about anything back from the County Council now...Chris had an email from Sally Northeast saying that she'd met with David Jenkins - the Chief Executive, but was still trying to nail down Mr Peake, who seems to have become a bit elusive. She promises more info tomorrow as she's meeting with him. She was supposed to be also finding out whether we formally need to enter St Wite's cross into this contest......Come on Sally! We're routing for you!

Those damn big flags are still not here! I was expecting them today as well. The company assures me they were sent out Monday by courier, so hopefully tomorrow.

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