Tuesday, 12 August 2008

At last, voting starts....

I've been monitoring the DorsetForYou website for weeks now looking for a PR release that says voting has started.....and this morning.....

11/08/08: Have your say on the design for a Dorset flag

People across Dorset can now vote for their preferred design for a flag to represent the county and its people.

Creative local people sent in a range of design ideas for a flag after an appeal through local newspapers by Dorset County Council chairman John Peake.

A panel chaired by Graham Bartram from the Flag Institute chose a shortlist of four designs from a total of 29 - now the choice is in the hands of local people.

Posters featuring the four designs are on show at the county's libraries and are also posted on the Flag Institute website.

You can also pick up a voting slip at your local Dorset library, download one from the website or just send your choice and contact details in on a postcard to Flag Institute.

Alternatively you can e-mail your choice of A, B, C or D to Dorset@flaginstitute.org, including your name, address and phone number.

Graham Bartram, Chief Vexillologist (flag expert), said: "We were impressed by the range of designs sent in and feel we now have a strong shortlist for the voters to choose from.

"It's important that as many people as possible send in their vote so that the flag which eventually represents Dorset is truly chosen by the people of the county."

Voting closes on Friday 12 September."

Well, I have to say I'm feeling a bit more relieved now that it's started. I've been madly advising everyone to vote. Seems to have taken a lifetime to get here(in fact, DCC announced the comp on the 23rd April - so near four months). Voting ends in precisely one month.

This comes at a time when our flag has been sold in the hundreds, is being sold by several different traders on Ebay and Amazon and now appears in sticker, flag, badge, card and clock form. It is the most recognisable Dorset flag in the county, despite not being official. So if a vote swings against it - what does that then mean? It's not going to simply go away.....unlike the other designs that are just designs on paper!

Anyway - vote for design B, send an email to dorset@flaginstitute.org with your name, (Dorset) address and phone number.

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At last,

Excellent stuff, anything I can do to help shall be done, just drop me a line