Friday, 22 August 2008

Officialdom and when the results will be known.

We were recently attacked in the 'View From Dorchester' newspaper by having our flag on sale and marketing it as 'official'. Of course, this is complete nonsense.

Our flag is on sale, but we market it as a contender. It has been on sale for quite some time now, other vendors now sell it. As far as I'm aware, none of them market it as official and if they do, I will certainly be having words with them. Also, people seem to be concerned that our flag is on sale - they fail to realise that the Dorset Cross predates this competition and has every right to be.

Chris and myself have complained to 'View From...' who have apologised and the editor, Philip Evans has promised to issue a full apology in next weeks edition.

Officialdom. Registering a flag at the Flag Institute does not make a flag official. The Flag Institute is a registry and not the College of Arms, which is the only body which can award officialdom to any symbol. They work at the request of the Queen and I'm fairly sure she's not going to order a flag for Dorset anytime soon.

What we will have in Dorset, is a publically elected flag(which the council will presumably endorse) that will serve as de facto flag. I understand this better than most, so would never be so arrogant as to market our flag as official.

Results of Competition
I'm reliably informed that the results of the vote will be known somewhen during the week after voting ends(12th Sept), thus superceding the terms and conditions stating it would be 24 hours later.

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