Saturday, 16 August 2008

From Poole or Bournemouth Borough? Read On....

It has come to our attention, that due to the two unitary authorities not being 'interested' at this time with regards to a Dorset flag - NONE of the libraries in those areas will be carrying voting forms or drop boxes.

It is hoped that the Daily Echo may run the story with voting slips printed in their pages.

The two unitary authorities seem to forget that we all live in the geographical county of Dorset - this is not a political thing, it is a symbol for all the county and they are within it. As are the people.

This separatist attitude is frankly ridiculous. Give the people the chance to make their views known!

If you are in these affected areas - the best thing you can do is email with you choice of design (A, B, C or D), name and full address with postcode.

You can also download the voting form and send it to county hall from here:

Bournemouth and Poole - we need you votes!

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