Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dorset Cross scoops award

Endorse It In Dorset Cultural Achievement Award 2008

:EDIT apparently, reporting this sort of thing in the Daily Echo is construed as making the flag seem official. Really?

The 'Endorse It In Dorset Festival' was again a massive success with over 5000 attendees this year.

The event, which annually sees bands from all over England flock to Six Penny Handley introduced their own 'Dorset Cultural Achievement Award' last year, with local band 'Who's Afear'd' picking up the award for 2007.

Since winning the award they have gone on to feature at many festivals, concerts and shows all over Dorset. They made a triumphal return to the 2008 festival and participated in the judging of this year's award along with organisers "Lamma, Fi & Big G".

The 2008 award went to the gold, red and white flag; the Dorset Cross - currently a contender in a vote that will see a flag of Dorset elected.

Big G said prior to the award that:

"The Endorse It In Dorset Festival now has a central place in promoting the culture of Dorset and has become a major source of tourist income for the County as a whole. We are delighted to be associated with this award and there was a clear winner in which we all agreed, the weather had been a bit miserable but the rallying call led by the bright and cheerful Dorset Cross flying all over the site kept our spirits and positive outlook flying high. We are delighted to award this prestigious accolade to The Dorset Cross as a unifying and bright symbol for the wonderful County of Dorset"

"The judges were impressed with the grass roots birth of Gold, Red and Silver cross which in production is yellow, red and white. It is such a good flag and has sold widely already. We think it is bound to win so we urge people to vote for Design B in the Dorset flag contest!"

Dave White, one of the founders of The Dorset Cross said:

"It's wonderful to see a distinct Dorset culture emerging at such an impressive event. I applaud the efforts of the organisers and am honoured that they should so whole-heartedly adopt the Dorset Cross as a symbol of the event. I'll certainly be back next year!"

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