Tuesday, 8 April 2008


2/4/08 - Meeting last night discussing our way forward. We will be seeking the support from Hall and Woodhouse, Palmers, the Dorset Brewing Company and Moores, the producers of Dorset Knob biscuits. Jacquie is pursuing badge and sticker options, Chris is seeking pledges to help fund the first run of flags, I am actually trying to negotiate prices for those flags! We will be creating a ‘Friends of the Flag’ group to regularly contact with news etc and hopefully get some people who want to have a more active role. Melvin Gudger will be joining the committee. Will be creating a new page on the website for the ‘Roll of Honour’ – showing out pledge to promoting the St Wite Cross as Dorset’s flag and showing those Dorset patriots and other supporters who are helping us in the campaign. Web visits now stand at 495.

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