Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Today is the day...

We meet John Peake today, chairman of Dorset CC. Peake has instigated his own 'public consultation' for a flag, after the success of our campaign.

Some designs appeared in the Dorset Echo today that are not on the website.

Yes, we may be biased - but seriously - meh.

My thoughts:

Flags are not concerned with colour co-ordination. If they were, we'd never notice them. They're meant to stand out in a crowd! They're supposed to clash in order for us to see them and take notice! Get over green and blue - seriously!!!

Please read here :

One design is seriously 'meh'. Looks like a Scandinavian style flag with this years colours for your front room.

The other, a Jamaican reject flag with Scottish undertones. What?

Another, a verbal complete letdown in four shades.

Sorry for the criticism, but I don't see anything inspirational so far.....

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