Tuesday, 8 April 2008


5/4/08 – I visited Whit(e)church Canonicorum today to pay my respects to Saint Wite. I was going to take lots of photos, but my batteries ran out after two. D’oh. It’s a very humbling experience I found. To be standing alone in a 1000 yr old church, with the remains of someone that old who is a near forgotten saint! I got the mini-book ‘Who Was St Wite?’, which clearly seems to indicate she was a local Saxon woman. Updated the main page to this effect. Flags are nearly here! We’ve struck a deal with a company and will soon be ordering the first 100, plus 20 smaller ones. Jacquie has received an order for 50 stickers from the Poole/Cherbourg twinning society! We’re close on a deal for badges too. We’ve received quite a few sponsors as well. If you want to sponsor us, get in touch. A certain publication has also asked for exclusive press coverage as well…..I had a letter from Oliver Letwin, MP for West Dorset – he agrees that Dorset should have a flag in principle.. All merchandising will soon be available…..542 visitors….

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