Friday, 11 April 2008

Press coverage in the Bournemouth Echo

An article about Saint Wite's Cross has now appeared in the Bournemouth Echo, you can see it here:

Some very silly comments and one heated opponent who seems to utterly miss the point of simplicity in flags and staying away from shields, arms etc.

I often wonder when people react that aggressively. Are they annoyed that somebody else thought of the idea and is getting it moved forward?

I also had a strange comment on the guestbook - attacking that I'd said "Dorset's beaches stretch all the way into Devon." Their problem with that was that it should be up to Devon's borders. No comment about the flag. I emailed them saying 'comment on the flag?' - the answer was no, because they didn't feel inspired by it etc etc. Surely that was the comment in itself?

Ain't nothin as queer as folk. Anyway, this press coverage has seriously pushed the page views up to 770!

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