Tuesday, 15 April 2008

How to find a Pantone colour......

Pantones. I'd heard the term used before in the Devon flag and it was only yesterday that somebody(namely our Flag makers) asked what Pantones we were using. D'oh.

So I consult with this page: http://www.celebrationcottage.com/faq/pantone.aspx

Yea - not helpful. Many, many colours...

So I then discover a tool called 'Color Cop'. This is a tiny free application that allows you to work out the RGB(Red, Green Blue) elements of any colour. So, using the Bitmap version of the flag I have, I worked out the elements for the Red and Gold.

Then - going to this site: http://www.netfront.fr/Services/rgb2pantone/

I was able to convert RGB to Pantones! Well, what it actually does is give you the closest pantone to your RGB colour.

So, for your excitement, after a mornings messing around, I can say

Red - 1788 2X
Yellow - 803 2X

The numbers correspond to an actual pantone as found in the first link.....

Wasn't that exciting!!!

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