Saturday, 12 April 2008

Seriously folks - there is no Dorset Crest/Seal/Arms.....

This one seems to keep coming up, over and over again. People keep saying that it would be nice to have the Dorset Seal, Arms or Crest on the design.

There is no such thing. So one wonders what they're talking about. There is not one official or unofficial symbol that encompasses the whole of Dorset. I do wonder whether they're talking about the Dorset County Council Arms.

Let's not forget that since Bournemouth and Poole Borough's were made into Unitary Authorities, Dorset County Council no longer has power over the whole county - so their Arms do not 'represent' those areas(In fact, Bournemouth has its own). Lets also not forget that they are the county council arms!!!! They are a symbol of an organisation, not a county.

This line of thinking would be like suggesting we use a Badger on the flag, because Hall and Woodhouse Brewery use that. They are a Dorset brewery, so why not people? Oh, because they're an organisation and the symbol represents them. It is no different with the county council, they're an organisation and they have a symbol. It doesn't mean Dorset. It means Dorset County Council.

People are mixing arms and flags up something rotten here. On the Bournemouth discussion, someone was suggesting we get new arms commissioned for We want a flag, not arms!

Also, you never, ever deface a flag with writing. The "Who's Afear'd" motto should never, ever be used on Saint Wite's Cross, but there's nothing stopping people putting it on badges or stickers etc. Again, people confuse arms with a flag. You sometimes see Mottos on arms.

Anyway, I can feel my temples throbbing...time to watch the TV and chill.....! :-)

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