Thursday, 17 April 2008

More press at the Bournemouth Echo....

Nick Churchill at the Bournemouth Echo is talking about St Georges Day, but thinks we should raise St Wite as well.

Some quotes:

"I bring this up as a campaign has been gathering pace to establish a Dorset flag - Saint Wite's Cross. A white cross with red borders on a gold background, the red and white remind the good people of Dorset that we live in an English county while the gold refers to the golden dragon that represented the Saxon kingdom of Wessex at the Battle of Hastings."

"Given its similarity to the Cross of St George, why not fly the Dorset flag alongside it on April 23?

What harm could it do?"

I could see some people having issue with this. For some, the St Georges Cross is sacred - St Georges Day included. I could see some people taking offence at raising St Wite on the same it stands, they won't anyway - no flags yet!

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